The mission of 134 Collaborative is to connect and integrate social change agencies and their communities under one roof in DownCity Providence.


Our vision is to be an oasis in the heart of Providence for anyone who seeks:

  • Supports for basic human needs,
  • Opportunities to develop their own voice,
  • Occasions to contribute to and celebrate a diverse community

People who come under the roof of the Mathewson Street Church building as participants, volunteers or staff find the space and support to be themselves.  Everyone here contributes to the creation and execution of programs that support our community and knit together resources that each person brings, no matter how large or small.

Organizations that are members of the 134 Collaborative experience and promote a culture where our projects and the people who run them and participate in them look for ways to connect, share and leverage our resources to amplify the impact of each other’s work.


The 134 Collaborative operates in pursuit of the following values:

Humanity: When the basic human needs are met, programming in health, education and arts can be life-transforming, leading to addiction recovery, social integration and empowerment.

Voice: To discover and amplify your true voice enables each person to advocate for the solutions our community desires.

Compassion: Everyone deserves food, shelter and an opportunity to develop their potential.

Respect: All people deserve to be seen for the best they can be and to be treated with dignity.

Advocacy:  Our community members feel more empowered to take action after interacting with the 134 Collaborative.